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“For me, the favored thread has always been the young lovers, with Hermia and Helena as the key roles. And here, Meacham has struck casting gold. Klein and Bertch are not among the six Equity professionals in the cast, but their work together is terrific… Bertch is a revelation in her New Jersey stage debut. With long red hair and round, expressive eyes, she has the looks of a model, but isn't afraid to squish and sour her pretty face as she expresses her envy for the "prettier" Hermia. She's a gifted physical actress, funny and fearless, with a dazzling gift for motormouthing that won the audience over in her first scene. This is a genuine breakthrough performance, and you can bet your Nick Bottom dollar that she's got a brilliant future ahead of her.”   New Jersey Daily Record, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
"...Felicia Bertch, channeling Katherine Hepburn in her finest Locust Valley lockjaw period, makes a marvelous Mrs. [Antrobus]...What a joy to see a great American play so lovingly presented. It confirms that, at its best, Theatre South Carolina does work that is so good it could stand up not only to any other university theater company"   Columbia, SC FreeTimes,
The Skin of Our Teeth
“Standing out among this group is Felicia Bertch, who comically channels Katherine Hepburn as Mrs. Antrobus.”   Onstage Columbia, The Skin of Our Teeth
“Spring was played by Felicia Bertch. There was this song called 'Millions of Bubbles,' and she had like a tiny little kid costume on that was not exactly like a kid costume but it was tiny, small and had little tiny feet and arms. And it only had like little tiny shorts. They were golden. Everybody had something that was golden on in the song. And Winter and the girl that played Rita were both little girls in little tiny little costumes too. The song was really funny.”  

Ada Grey, 6-year-old Chicago Theater Critic